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pee piss

Finding blood in your urine can be very frightening and must be investigated by a doctor, but it's not usually a sign of anything life-threatening. 6 Feb An estimated , visitors to the Roskilde Festival in Denmark this summer had the unusual opportunity to recycle their urine into beer. “From Piss to Pilsner” hopes to ignite a new movement called beercycling, transforming 25, liters of festivalgoers' pee into kegs of frothy beer. The collected urine. This might vary some by region, but, at least in the U.S., pee is a much more polite term to use than piss. Piss is considered rather vulgar. To say this politely, I would probably say something like: Oops! Sorry. Did I catch you going pee? You might even make this more polite by asking: Did I catch you going. pee piss

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Dark urine is a sign of dehydration. In the context of a doctor telling a patient that they require a urine sample, they could say I need you to urinate in this container. For example, pee piss individual with diabetes mellitus may present blondes bigtit sweetened urine odor. In the French chemist Hilaire Rouelle discovered the organic compound urea by boiling urine dry.

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Urine can also be used safely as a source of complementary nitrogen in carbon-rich compost. Urban legend states that urine works pee piss against jellyfish stings. Colorless urine in drug tests can suggest an pee piss to avoid detection of illicit drugs in the bloodstream through over-hydration. Many physicians in ancient history resorted to the inspection and examination of the urine of their patients. Dark urine is a sign of dehydration. 20 Dec Photo Via Getty Images. Given the tendency of a lot of employers (and just about all probation officers) to test your urine for substances, it's no wonder that cannabis users are worried about risking their employment prospects (or their freedom). When there's a lot on the line, it pays to be aware of just how. 1 Mar Olympic swimmers admit to it and it seems many of the rest us are peeing in the water too, with a new scientific test finding up to 75 litres of urine in public pools. 5 Dec Pee can be a window to your overall health. It provides vital information about your kidney and heart health, and your liver function. And the amount of bathroom trips you take can also signal health issues: Infrequent urination could indicate dehydration or even a kidney problem. 2. It's 95% water. The rest is.

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